CH Rossut Foreman

The Rossut Kennel has produced and made up many Champions since the early 60's to the present day. Patricia herself more recently bred a fourth Champion in a direct female tail line starting with UK CH Rossut Posy who produced UK CH Rossut Kerfuffle who produced UK CH Rossut Razzle who produced UK CH Rossut Organdie. Organdie went on to produce CC & RCC winner Rossut Ilusion who then produced CH Rossut Memory of Pakowhai JW who produced CH Eardley Izzy Cummings. Since taking over from her parents in 1988 Patricia has bred 14 Champions, the first CH Rossut Ensign and most recent CH Rossut Endeavoured. Click on each dogs photo to view their pedigree, sire & dam and additional information.

UK & AUST CH Rossut Treetops

Hasty Footsteps

CH Rossut Triumphant

UK & AUST CH Rossut Vagabond

CH Rossut Deaconfield Ravish

CH Rossut Colinbar Phantom

CH Rossut Nutmeg

CH Rossut Juggler

CH Rossut Gaiety

CH Rossut Cinder

CH Rossut Redgate Trueman

CH Rossut Bobbin

CH Rossut Daffodil

CH Rossut Fantom

CH Crestamere Twilight of Rossut

CH Rossut Sunset

CH Wembury Morag of Rossut

CH Rossut Peanut

CH Oudenarde Gaffer of Rossut

UK & Am CH Graadtres Hot

Pursuit of Rossut

UK & SA CH Tragband Too Hot

To Handle By Rossut

CH Rossut Ensign

CH Rossut Posy

CH Rossut Kerfuffle

CH Rossut Jonquil

CH Rossut Razzle

CH Rossut Organdie

CH Rossut Allegra

Ch Rossut Triumphant

CH Rossut Sorcerer

Ch & Am Ch Rossut Treetops Hasty Footsteps 3 CC''s Ch Rossut Vagabond Ch Rossut Colinbar Phantom Ch Rossut Nutmeg Ch Rossut Juggler Ch Rossut Gaiety 11 CC''s Ch Rossut Cinder Ch Rossut Bobbin Ch Rossut Daffodil Ch Rossut Sunset Ch Rossut Peanut Ch Rossut Kerfuffle  2 Ch Rossut Razzle Ch & Am Ch Graadtres Hot Pursuit of Rossut Ch Rossut Jonquil Ch Rossut Organdie 4 x CC''s Ch Rossut Allegra Ch Rossut Foreman 1 Ch Rossut Redgate Trueman Ch Rossut Deaconfield Ravish 1 Ch Crestamere Twilight of Rossut UK SA Ch Tragband too hot to Handle by Rossut Ch Rossut Ensign 1 Ch Rossut Posy (2)

CH Rossut Calico

calico Ch Wembury Morag of Rossut

CH Rossut Zulu of Pakowhai JW ShCM

Zulu in the line up at the Beagle Club Champ Show Ch Rossut Sorcerer 3 Ch Oudenarde Gaffer of Rossut

CH Rossut Fluster

Fluster in line up for Group 1 - Copy CH Rossut Fantom

Rossut Beagles

BA open SD card 166 - Copy (2) (1024x756)

CH Rossut Memory of Pakowhai JW

CH Rossut Elsbeth

CH Rossut Endeavoured

CH Rossut Endeavoured 1 CH Rossut Elsbeth